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Call for current prices, the website price is a courtesy only to give you an indication, but prices are subject to change and no effort is made to update the website on a daily basis.



SODA Equipment

We sell co2 Carbon Dioxide Gas, and we sell Dry Ice.  We're not a parts warehouse, but we can offer our customers some hard to find parts at a discounted rate as an added value to our customers.  Our team of factory certified Beverage specialists have the experience to install your soda system from scratch, or repair or maintenance your existing dispenser.  We are partners with Cornelius, Lancer, and Servend, but can service other brands as needed.  Don't hesitate to ask us about our special FREE installations and FREE equipment offers.  It's all based on how many BIB (Bag-In-the-Box) syrups you order!

Compressed Gas Cylinder

New cylinders, filled with CO2

high pressure co2 cylinders

Cylinder for purchase and in stock:

   2.5 lb = $125
   5    lb = $160
   10  lb = $185
   20  lb = $225

Prices change. Call for current

The poundage above describes the weight of liquid CO2 that each cylinder can hold, not the weight of the cylinder.   Talk to our Beverage Dispenser Specialists if you have questions!  713-944-7900

Universal cylinder Bracket
(not an in-stock item)

will snug your cylinder to the wall and prevent accidental tip-overs! Simple operation, great safety aid.

cylinder bracket required by city of houston building code

$95 1-cylinder wall bracket
$149 2-cylinder wall bracket

Prices change. Call for current

In Houston city limits, cylinders MUST be attached to the wall or chained up. Use chains if you want a cheap solution. Use these brackets if you want something sturdy that will actually hold a cylinder.

CO2 Regulator, Primary


Primary regulator, generally used on High-Pressure cylinders.  $89.50 

Prices change. Call for current

Soda: 0-160 PSI 1/4" barbed

Beer: 0-60 PSI 3/8" barbed

Blow Out Hose

6' flex line with CGA-320 (CO2) fitting


Prices change. Call for current

This is a handy piece of equipment that allows you to use a CO2 cylinder as a Blow-out tank. Blow-out tanks are good for pushing clogs through drain lines among other uses.

(Bag In a BOX)
Bag in a Box Syrups

We offer 3 gallon BIB Boxes.  They are much safer and easier to handle than the 5 gallon boxes from Coke or Pepsi.  This is a unique Kraft Soda that has been pushing out the BIG NAMES all over Texas. These prices are more subject to change than most of our other equipment due to the costs of the ingredients constantly fluctuating

$55.95 for some flavors. Some of the specialty flavors are more expensive, so please call for a full current list and price.


Beverage Tubing

often used for CO2 or Sodawater

1/4" ID  $1.10

3/8" ID  $1.20

Prices change. Call for current

$0.95 - $1.40 /foot on based on size and type of hose


Soda Trunk Line

The preffered method to transport syrups

$ varies based on how many product lines are included.
Bar Guns $ Varies based on number of buttons and type of product (soda or Liquor)
Silver valve wrench handle
- Must be used to tighten co2 and Helium cylinder valves

FREE with rental cylinders!

$3.95 to purchase

BEER Equipment

Trunk Line

Multi-layer insulated Trunk Line for long draw draft systems.

$ priced by foot, varies based on quality and number and size of beer lines.

Vinyl Tubing

3/16" ID (Choker) $0.95

5/16" ID clear $1.05

5/16" ID Red (GAS) $1.05

3/8" ID Clear $1.10

Prices change. Call for current

Secondary Regulator (low pressure) secondary beer regulator tap-rite

$ price varies based on options such as pressure, barbed fitting size, whether or not it includes a shut-off, etc. Generally between $55-$79, although bulk discounts are available.

Used to regulate the pressure down lower than the primary

Beer Faucets

$ Price varies based on quality

Chrome-plated Brass $19

Stainless Steel $33

Stainless 304grade $43.50
   (wine grade)

Prices change. Call for current


Foam On Beer Savers

This device prevents the foam at the end of the keg from getting in your lines. This means you waste an ounce or two of beer rather than a pitcher or two when you change kegs!

Price varies depending on quality of FOB, from $70-$135

FloJet Beer Pumps


Prices change. Call for current

Glycol Power-Packs (chillers) micromatic glycol chiller
    not a stocked item
These come in various sizes, depending on the length of the run needed. 

Beer Towers

      not a stocked item


Variety of Beer Tower are available 1 - 100 taps, glycol chilled, air-cooled, vinyl lines or stainless steel.  Whatever you need.  Call to discuss specifics for lead time and price


Service carbonated beer Our Draught Beer Specialists can install or repair your existing install.  You should never have to deal with excessive foaming or flat beer! 

This is a very abbreviated list of Draft Beer Parts, we have dozens of towers, glycol chillers, and different types of FOBS and wall panels.

If you are interested in a free estimated call our office and ask for our Service Manager. Remember the Carbonics Difference is that every line pours picture perfect or the job is not complete! We guarantee our work.



Dry Ice Containers dry ice containers to keep dry ice for long periods of time Our storage containers are specially made with melt blend plastics to insulate far better than normal ice chests.  Using these containers can extend the life of your dry ice by several days. The smallest container holds about 125 lbs and costs around $xxx.xx (call for current price)  If you regularly use dry ice, this container will pay for itself and last you for many years. (Sunlight will degrade the material)


Offroad Air Buddy

Strap or Bracket this bad boy into your 4X4; Jeep, ATV, Truck or whatever. You'll have onboard air capable of Airing up your tires in seconds! Capable of running air-tools!

Various sized tanks, brackets, and air-accessories are available.

The 10lb cylinder pictured here with the Tire pressure gauge and air chuck, regulator, and 25' of high-pressure quick-disconnect hose is priced at $485.00

dry ice for sale in houston, TX

Our family has been in the dry ice business since 1948. We are the major supplier of dry ice, solid and pellets, for laboratories and hospitals in the Houston Medical Center.

In addition, CMR Carbonics supplies air freight companies the dry ice needed to air freight food products and medical specimens all over the world.

Dry Ice is sold by sixty pound blocks, either solid block or sliced into five pieces of approximately twelve pounds each. Dry Ice pellets are sold by fifty pound bags. CMR Carbonics sells dry ice by the block, the slice, half slice, pound, scrap and in pellets.

Dry Ice is -109 F, and precautions must be taken in handling the product so as not to burn your skin. It may be transported in bags or boxes and may be stored in dry ice or wet ice style coolers.

Dry Ice is compressed CO2 gas, and immediately begins dissolving after being formed, vaporizing into the air as an odorless, tasteless gas. During transportation of Dry Ice, precautions should be taken to ensure a steady fresh air supply since the vaporizing CO2 displaces oxygen. Kept in an air-tight cooler, one sixty pound block of Dry Ice will dissolve in approximately seventy-two hours.

Dry Ice Statistics Chart


tanks of co2 gas

Carbonics stocks 5 lb., 10 lb. and 20 lb. aluminum cylinders to sell to companies or to the public. Many home brewers purchase their CO2 cylinders from Carbonics.


co2 gas for restaurants and stores

Carbonics supplies the Greater Houston Area restaurant and beverage industries with their CO2 gas needs. We specialize in 20 lb. and 50 lb. cylinder refills, with pick ups and deliveries on either a route basis or call-in basis.

Carbonics is one of the few companies in the Greater Houston Area that will fill a customer’s cylinder while they wait. For this reason, many home brewers bring their cylinders for refilling to our warehouse facility at 506 Nebraska Street, South Houston, Texas 77587.


high pressure co2 regulator for cylinders of gas

Carbonics stocks gauges, handles, handwheels, stem nuts, springs and washers for Luxfer and Catalina cylinders. We can repair your cylinder in our shop while you wait.

Plumbers, air conditioning and refrigeration professionals and the pool service and repair professionals frequently require the pressure and clean air provided by CO2.

Carbonics stocks 5’ blow-out hoses with fittings that attach to a CO2 cylinder. This “blow-out” arrangement is used any time there is a need to blow out a line or clean something and need the pressure and cleanliness of CO2 gas.


Federal law mandates that high pressure cylinders be visually inspected and hydrostatically tested every five years to ensure their safety and integrity. During the testing process, small pit areas or stress areas on the interior or exterior will cause a cylinder to be unfit for service. If no pitting or stress areas are found, then the cylinder is stamped and put back in service for another five years.

The picture below shows what can happen to a weakened cylinder that is pressurized with gas. It can be dangerous or lethal, so it's important to get your cylinder tested every 5 years, not just to comply with federal law, but also to protect yourself, family, friends, or customers!

If hydrostatic testing of your cylinder is in order, Carbonics offers that service along with painting your cylinder the color of your choice. 


Carbonics provides 50 lb. helium rental cylinders. Companies such as automobile car lots, party supply stores, pharmacies and more keep a HE cylinder available for inflating balloons either for their own purposes or for selling inflated balloons.


Carbonics will come to your place of business and pick up the empty HE rental tank and leave a full rental tank as needed.


Balloon regulator for helium tank

Carbonics recommends using balloon regulators with a gauge, so that overfilling of balloons does not occur.

Carbonics has balloon regulators with a gauge for sale and for rent. We also sell or rent balloon regulators without a gauge.

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