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Carbonics Rental Cylinders - Call for prices   713-944-7900
NO delivery charges for customers on our regular routes!    

CO2, Beer Gas, Guinness Gas, Nitrogen

CO2: Bring your own cylinders in and get them refilled while you wait

Or put your business on a scheduled delivery route - You can rent the number of cylinders you need, and then our drivers will come by regularly to exchange your empty cylinders for full ones. This way you only pay for the gas you actually use!

We will work with you to place enough cylinders at your location so that you never run out. Once a month our drivers will come by and swap out your empty cylinders for full cylinders. At each stop, whether they swap out 1 20lb cylinder or 5 50 lbs cylinders you will be charged a small federal Hazmat compliance fee, and a small fuel surcharge. You will also be charged for the gas. The only other costs associated with our rental program is our monthly rental fee per cylinder. You'll have to call the office to get the current exact monthly rental and cost of the gas. Be sure to ask if you qualify to waive the deposits. If your restaurant is part of a nationally recognized chain, or local chain we may be able to waive any deposit fees.

NEVER Run out of CO2 again
Never get charged for gas you didn't use!

Bulk gas can be very expensive. You are charged a hefty rental fee each month for the equipment, plus you pay for hundreds of pounds of gas whether you use it or not, and to top it all off, you have to conform to a more rigorous city code requirement and install CO2 monitor alarms! With our compressed gas cylinders, you can never run out of gas, and only pay for the gas you actually use! Plus, whether or not to install CO2 monitor alarms, where and how many is now up to you.


Hand Crafted Gourmet Syrup Price List

Our 3 Gallon Boxes of Craft Soda are cheaper per gallon, and lighter than 5-gallon boxes

Recently, the courts have found that owners can be held liable if the 5 gallon boxes are too heavy and an employee is injured while trying to move them. Our lighter boxes protect your business.

Your carbonator must have the right combination of pressure of gas and water, and your system must mix the sodawater and syrup in the proper ratio for the taste to be just right. Feel free to call for a technician to come out and repair or fine-tune the system.

New Installs, moving equipment, repairs, need new lines? have a leak? Is the taste just off? We can do that!


We install and repair Soda Guns as well.

If your gun leaks, has missing buttons, the taste isn't just right, customers complain that it goes flat, or tastes off, then you might need a general cleaning and maintenance service.



Lease or  Purchase   

Or get a machine absolutely free if you purchase a certain number of Bag in the Box each month.

Just need your system cleaned? Our BevClean Service utilizes a food-grade sanitizer that internally cleans the lines, pumps, and valves on your machine. This extends the life of the equipment and removes sugar crystals and bacteria, leaving the lines clean and restores the original taste.



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