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Flat Fountain Drinks

Soda dispenses, but the drink is flat

Let's keep it simple, if your sodawater drink is flat it is due to one of a few possibilities
     1.  You are out of ice.  The soda water and the syrup must be cold (38 degrees max) and dispensed into a cold glass or cup (ice),
           once the sodawater warms up it will rapidly lose its carbonation
     2.  Your system is under pressured (check regulators)..
           pressure to Carbonator should be approximately 90-105 PSI, depending on your model of Carbonator
     3.  Your Carbonator filled up with water when you ran out of CO2. 
           To correct this run the sodawater until you hear the Carbonator start running.
The device above is one example of a Carbonator.  It must be plugged in and have access to co2 and water.

                                         If none of these things fix the problem, then Call 713-944-7900 to schedule a Service Call.
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