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Let's be honest:  when is gas NOT a problem!

Gas Leak

Drinks are Flat

Changing the CO2 cylinder

No Syrup dispensing

If you suspect a CO2 Leak

*you may be going through too much CO2
*you may hear a whistle or hissing sound
*you may see frost near the cylinder valve (connection) or regulator

1. Determine if you have a leak or not by
     A.  Make sure everyone quits using the system(s) for a minute
     B.  Turn Valve on CO2 tank all the way off (righty-tighty).
            righty tighty

     C.  Watch pressure guage on regulator.  It should stay at whatever pressure it was at before you turned off the gas.
             Watch for pressure to drop
If the needle slowly drops while the gas is off and no one is using the system, then you have a leak! 
A common problem is lack of a sealing washer between the tank valve and the regulator.  These connections are not air-tight without a washer!
    use washing when connecting to regulator
Carbonics includes a washer along with every cylinder we deliver so that you can replace the Washer each time for maximum effectiveness.
(There must be a washer between the cylinder and the regulator)

This Washer is not going to work!
bad washer
WAY past time to replace the washer!
bad washer

Another problem might be that you had or have an empty BIB and the pump for that flavor did not shut off right away until someone changed the BIB.
If neither of these conditions apply, then you need a service call to fix the problem!  713-944-7900

If you do not have a leak in the system there are still a few things to check to help stop unusual CO2 useage.
     A.  Make sure the employees are changing the CO2 cylinder correctly
     B.  Make sure empty BIB's get changed immediately
     C.  Make sure you are not losing product to employees or guests after-hours.

Changing the CO2 Cylinder

Close the "empty" tank by turning the handwheel tank valve completely to the right
righty tighty
Loosen the connection nut using a CO2 wrench or box end wrench ONLY.
(it is normal for the gas in the system to escape at this point, it should only be a small amount)
unfasten the large nut completely
If your connection uses a sealing washer (like all carbonics cylinders do), then replace that washer with a new one
Re-connect the cylinder and tighten the large fastening nut securely.
Open the new cylinder by turning the handwheel tank valve completely to the left.
(watch and listen for escaping gas!)

No Syrup coming out!

1.  If you only have soda water (carbonated water) coming out check that the BIB is still full
     A. If it is full but product is not moving the QCD connector may not be fully seated
     B.  If connector is seated, the push pin tab inside the neck of the BIB may have been pushed inwards
           This plastic ring with a tab inside the neck of the BIB is not as sturdy as we would like.  Sometimes
            it may get "pushed" into the bag.  If you are VERY careful you can pull it back out!

activator tab on BIB syrup
This is the "tab" that must push on the QCD connector so syrup can flow

pull out this ring
You can try CAREFULLY pulling out on this tab, or pushing it out by pressing behind it.  This connector is fragile,
and if it breaks you have just lost all the syrup in that bag.

2. If only water is coming out (not carbonated) and no syrup then check that CO2 is on

     A. Co2 tank may be empty or turned off
     B.  Secondary pressure regulator may be adjusted or cut off valve closed.

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