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The customers say "This drink tastes funny!"

Number one most common complaint:  "The drinks taste funny"

This is the most difficult thing to troubleshoot and the most important!

Assuming the drink is not too flat, and not too foamy, then let's take a look at the reasons it could still taste "funny" or "off".
1.  Clean Water.   You need good, clean water to make a good tasting drink.  The drink is 87% water after mixing with the syrup.  If the water does not taste good on its own, the drink will not taste good.  You will need a good quality filter.  The filter must not restrict the water flow below 50 PSI before entering the Carbonator. So, in other words, the water filter must be placed in line BEFORE the water booster.
  *This is important!  If you reduce the water pressure with a filter, then your drinks may taste bad because the machine is calibrated for a certain water pressure!
2.  The unit might be mixing too little or too much syrup per volume of water.  If this is the case, you'll need a service technician to adjust the machine.
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