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Pump making a sound!

Pump cycling with many fast small puffs of air?

Check for empty BIB and replace BIB.
If you don't have a new BIB then disconnect the connector from empty bag.
If the sound continues, then press on center of disconnected connector to see if you can get it "unstuck"
*dropping that connector in a bucket or glass of warm water will often "unstick" the connector and stop the problem..

If none of this works, then you can Disconnect the Pump until someone can arrive to repair the issue (Call for service at 713-944-7900).

Pump shooting steady stream of air?
If this is the case the pump is bad and needs replacing.
Disconnect the pump so that you can continue using the other flavors until service personnel arrive.
Call for service 713-944-7900 and mention that you have a blow pump.


1. Identify Shurflo or Flojet pump
Shurflo syrup pump Flojet syrup pump
    2. To disconnect the CO2 gas from a Shurflo pump:  
    2. To disconnect CO2 from a Flojet pump
where to disconnect gas from shurflo pump Where to disconnect gas from flojet syrup pump
Slide the plastic cover (you may need needlenose pliers)
until you can pull the connector out of the pump
Use a phillips head screwdriver to loosen the metal "arm" that holds the
gas connector inside the pump.  Rotate the arm out of the way and pull
the gas connector out of the pump.

3. Call 713-944-7900 to schedule a Service Call.
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