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No syrup, no soda water, no nothing!

Okay, let's start at the beginning and see what's happening here.  We know it can be very frustrating when your soda machine suddenly quits working for no apparent reason.  But rest assured, there is always a reason, and we can offer some helpful tips to guide you through this problem.  It will take less than 2 minutes to cover all the basics, so let's start and find out what has happened. It's likely that someone else has come in and changed something, or turned the machine off, unplugged it or a component during cleaning, or moving other equipment.


1.  Check that the soda dispenser and the carbonator are both plugged in

2.  Make sure the circuit they are plugged into has power (is there a breaker that has been thrown?)

3.  Check if the dispenser has been turned on by the key.
use key to turn machine on

4. Some Countertop units may not work if the ice bin door is open, try closing the door.
counter top soda dispenser

If the unit still will not work, you can call for a Service Team 713-944-7900

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